Outline Templates

Getting started with a new project, research activity, or document is often the most difficult step to take, especially when it’s something as daunting as a complex set of tasks which require a lot of planning, your first school essay, or a postgraduate thesis. To make those first steps a little easier The Outliner of Giants offers a range of outline templates that we hope will help get you off on the right foot:

Templates for creating documents#

Outline templates for students of all levels:

Outline templates for graduate and postgraduate students:

Outline templates for researchers:

Outline templates for project managers:

Our project proposal outline template is for anyone needing to make the case for a new project, and is supported by a short guide on how to write a project proposal, which provides some tips on formulating an effective proposal document.

Templates for making notes#

The following templates are designed for those taking notes:

Templates for completing tasks & projects#

The following templates are designed to support the coordination of projects:

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